Thursday, 31 March 2016

How's life going?

One me, big changes, a lot of goals!

Well first off, I'm still alive AND I have a new header! The lovely Jemma has made it for me! I got it for a better and more professional feel to my blog, and now I have a reason to keep it going! Her designs are exactly as you ask for them, and I'm more than happy with it. I'm disappointed with myself for not uploading it quicker to show it off with you all!

Every aspect of my life has changed in one way or another, I've compiled a list of the goals I want out of 2016, and I'm going to work my big buttocks off to get there! 

1. Get a tattoo - I only want a small one on my wrist, but I still want it!

2. Dye my hair purple - Even if it's just a dip dye again, I WILL go back to purpleness.

3. Go to another country - If that means another UK country, I'm still happy with it, it counts.

4. Read 5 books - complete books. Cover to cover, no cheating too!

5. Keep the blog alive - I work 50+ hours a week now, as well as doing college work, so I hope to post at least once every 2 weeks, hopefully once a week!

6. Keep to a bedtime - Other than the odd days having a late night, I want to try so hard to keep to having a half decent bedtime. After 19 years of terrible sleep, while I can, I want to sleep as normally as possible.

7. Keep my room tidy - I still share a bedroom, so as soon as I get it sorted and tidy (... hopefully soon!) I want to keep it neat forever! I'm hardly ever in it, so I don't see how I manage to make a mess. 

8. Have an organised life - So important to me! I work 2 jobs and go to college, so I need to make sure I have time for everything! The time is there, I need the structure to make sure I use my time wisely. 

9. Get a piercing - I already have 1 in each ear, but I want another in the top of an ear.

Those are my things I want more than anything out of 2016, and I hope they'll be so embedded in my life that next year they'll be natural to me. Feel free to let me know if there is anything you want out of 2016, or even what you want out of April? 


Friday, 12 February 2016


Hey you!

Thought I'd give you a little update on what's up, what's going on and why I've suddenly become distant on Twitter and the lack of posting. 

Firstly, I'm not quitting anything! 
Sometimes posts are going to be few and far between, but I'm 100% not giving up. If my life gets too hectic though, then this will be the first to suffer, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

Secondly, I got myself an apprenticeship!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited for it! It's a Childcare course, and I'm counting down the days until I start it, I'm getting a polo top with my name on it and I've never looked forward to a polo shirt more in my life than right now!
The course is hopefully going to take around 15-18 months to complete. This means I'll be back as a student as of then end of February, until Summer 2017. I'll have been a college student for 5 years of my life, and I won't be leaving until I'm 21. Oops!

Thirdly, I'm still going to be keeping my normal retail job at the same time, which I work a minimum of 22.25 hours a week there. Adding up the total of my apprenticeship and retail job, I'll be working around 50 hours a week, but the people I work with there keep me going, and without some of them I'm pretty sure I'd crumble. Plus I love my retail job and well, I need money to live obviously.

Fourthly? Ha more is happening than I thought. I feel like I'm not seeing my friends as much as I used to, and that sucks so badly. I'm going to be travelling a hella lot more, especially to visit my best friend who's 2 hours away for Uni, and I miss her so very much. :(

I'm going to try and be posting once a week on my blog. That could be anything, I'm not going to restrict myself to posting a certain type of post on my blog. I told myself I wanted to blog, and I'm soooo happy that I took the leap, BUT my schooling comes first. 

I have a few posts ready and waiting to be published, so for the rest of Feb, I'm still here! 


Monday, 1 February 2016

Review: Intergalactic Bath Bomb ~ Lush

Hey You!

I thought I'd do a review for a product I got from the popular company Lush! 

In the christmas sales, I bought a variety of things, including the Intergalactic Bath Bomb! It's one of the more famous buys from Lush, and it's one of the best to take lovely pictures of! They are priced at £3.95 each currently. 

It has a lovely smell to it! It's a mix of Peppermint Oil and Grapefruit Oil as the main two strong scents that come from it, and they're paired along with Cedarwood Oli and Vetivert Oil too. Please don't ask my to try and pronounce the names of either of the last two oils, I struggle trying to say normal names anyway. 

It doesn't all disappear in a few seconds, due to the size of it, the actual fizzing sciencey part of it lasts a while! Also, while in the bath, the colour doesn't disappear back to clear water again, I had a dark blue bath for the duration of my relaxing time. Plus it was such a deeper blue than I was expecting. I thought it was be more of a tint to the colour of the water, but this completely changed the whole tub into the deepest blue imaginable. 

To be fair to this bath bomb, it has a wonderful scent to it, which isn't as overwhelming as some of the floral scents that Lush have to offer. There is one downside to it though, and that is that it leaves glitter in your bath after all the water has gone, which is hassle I wasn't expecting after I've just relaxed, but it's worth it in the end!

I would definitely buy this again

Are there any Lush products that you'd recommend for me to try? Do you have any favourites which you keep repurchasing?


Saturday, 23 January 2016


Hey you!

I think with the current times, everyone is too focused on their phone screens and making sure that their social networks are up to date. I don't blame anyone for it either!! I'm one of those people too, and every few days I need to remember I need to step away and chill. 

My top 4 suggestions of how to relax / How I relax:

1. Colouring! ~ It's the new trend and the range of "adult" colouring books out there is amazing! I have a Harry Potter one, as well as a simple geometry one! Honestly, I don't think my Harry Potter one will be coloured in since I lack in colouring skills...

2. Reading! ~ As I said around new year, I didn't read as much as I normally do last year, but it's one of my favourite ways to relax. I have so many books that I have one for any and every mood, and I'll be entertained for hours just with a book. After I finish Game of Thrones, the next book is Derren Brown! 

3. DISNEY! ~ Okay, but specifically watching movies. Anything Disney (that isn't Bambi) will get me in the zone, and everything else is 100% forgotten about. I will bob along to the songs, and cry at any and every emotional part possible. I do adore Fantasia, and I love that I got it for Christmas!!

4. Splash time! ~ Get in the bath and have a nice soak! I only ever have baths when I have LUSH products to keep me company, as when I feel like I have a luxury bath, I will relax every muscle in my body a whole lot more. I have a tin full of LUSH items I currently own. This includes: 6 Butter Bears, Red FUN, Santa's Belly Jelly, Twilight bomb and Intergalactic bomb!

What are your favourite ways to relax? What works well for you as I'm forever open for more ideas to try! 


Friday, 15 January 2016

Reasons why I won't return to your blog!

Hey you!

It's simple really?

There's a few reasons why I won't return to a blog, and most of them are common reasons between blog readers. I try and read as many blogs as I can, I love to support other people's work, and help boost their ratings, and write a comment or two on them. Unfortunately there's a few things which really won't make me want to ever come back.

1. Ads ~ I don't mind a couple of ads. If you wanna make some money from your blog, then go you! What I don't like is when there's an advertisement right at the top of the blog before I even get to a post, followed by ads either sides of the blog, and then more ads between each blog post. Then when I open up the post I want to check out, there's ads in it too! I wanna have a gander at your content, not as many ads as you can fit!!

2. No Information ~ If I don't know what your blog is about from the load up screen, I rarely want to continue looking around. A couple of lines which say something about you and the blog helps so much to feel like it's a blog by someone who wants you to get to know them, and not just "oh i wrote a post so read it." 

3. Lack of Personality ~ If there's no personality to a blog which isn't a factual one, then I won't ever come back. To me it reads very flat, and it's one of the quickest things for me to go towards the red X button! 

4. Social Media ~ If I found your blog from social media, I'll take how you act and talk on there into account of how much I like your blog too. Your blog can be my favourite one, but if you're an arse online, then your blog is pretty crap now. 

5. Music ~ This ticks me off so much! If I'm on my laptop, I'll be listen to a youtube vid or my own music (probably Adele When We Were Young... Totally recommend!) and your blog automatically plays music, then thats going to cover up what I'm listening to, and it's gonna annoy me. Alternatively, if I'm mobile and it happens, I'm normally on public transport and people will start staring at me... grrr.


Monday, 11 January 2016

Books need to be opened!

Hey you!


Last year, I don't even think I completed reading one book. I'm so disappointed with myself because I adore books. The bookshop. Book smells! (don't laugh, you know what I mean!)
I'm not going to lie either, I started two books, and I hate having more than one book on the go, but I got to the point where I got reading blocks.

This year I'm going to read the books below, and I won't allow myself to buy another book until I tick one off the list! ... I won't stop asking for them for my birthday though. oops? 

A Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) A Feast for Crows
By George R R Martin
I started this book back in 2015, and I never got to finish it, and I can never leave a book unfinished! I'll be dedicated into reading every word on these pages, and then continue with the rest of the book series!

Travelling to Infinity (The Theory of Everything)
By Jane Hawking

Kept the price sticker on this because I'm rather happy to get such a great bargain! The movie was rated so highly, that I must read the book as well. I refuse to watch the movie until I've read the book first, and now that's pushing me even more to finally start this beauty!

Tricks of the Mind
Derren Brown

Derren has a place in my heart that no one can take over. Illusions, Magic and psychology are the major things that get my brain and heart going, and I couldn't help but cry when I got this book for Christmas from my Boyfriend! 

 Alan Turing: The Enigma (The Imitation Game)
Andrew Hodges

I went to the cinema when this movie first came out, just to watch it because Cumberbatch was in it. I'm not gonna lie! (and his opening monologue is a total eargasm!) When I actually thought about what the movie is based on, I couldn't help but need to get it (at a great bargain too!) 

The Book Thief
Markus Zusak

You don't have to go very far before you see someone writing a brilliant review about this book. The movie based from it is one of my favourite movies of all time and I recommend anyone should go and watch it. It's a book I think I could settle in bed with and then 7 hours will pass and I wouldn't notice because I'm so happy reading!

I'd love to hear what books you're looking forward to buying/reading this year! I just need to make sure I make time to actually dive into my books!


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Top Tips to help a healthier lifestyle!

Hey you!

New year, healthier lifestyle!

I know there are many, many... many many people who make their resolution for the year to be happy and healthier! Everyone needs a starting point, and sometimes a helping hand. (Well I'm trying to write a post about being a better and healthier me, and I'm here eating a Cadbury's Egg and Spoon... oops...)

- Advice I got from my nan, never call it a diet! If you're looking to eating cleaner, healthier and better foods, then call it a lifestyle change, or a meal plan change. There is a massive stigma around the word "diet" and that is one of the top reasons that people fail to continue with their better eating. 

- Get rid of all the bad food you want to eat and take it outta the house! I know it may seem like a waste of money and food, but if it isn't in the house, then you can't eat it. Donate it to a food bank if it's suitable, or just give it to someone else in the house/a friend, and that way you can't eat it, and you won't be able to get something you don't have.

- Tell a friend or family member what you're doing, and what the outcome aim is! They will be able to encourage you, and if you don't realise you're out and picking up "junk food" they'll be able to push you back on course. Don't feel embarrassed by it.

- If you're aiming to lose weight, then don't look at the scales everyday. It won't do you any good, since losing weight doesn't show every single morning. It takes time, and the scales might show you as a pound heavier than what you was the day before, and it can become really discouraging. 

- The most important thing is that you need to enjoy yourself and what you're doing with your life. You have one life, and you should live to make yourself happy. If you wanna eat a salad everyday, but treat yourself to a massive fat filled burger, YOU GO GURL! ... Or guy? 

Good luck in whatever you choose to do with your life, just remember that you just gotta stay happy with yourself!